Role Of Dean Grazioso Real Estate Investing

Dean Grazioso is one of the famous investors who has done almost 300 deals in a year and has a group of expert team of real estate investing educators hosting live events and educating the people across the country. Dean Grazioso has written five books on real estate investing directly to the consumers who can learn and apply them to investing in real estate.

Important Real Estate Investing Strategy

The Dean Grazioso Real Estate Investing books are one of the best sellers as he has revealed the secrets of his success and the do and don’ts in real estate which are not revealed or people are unaware of it. We shall discuss few strategies which have been his preaching.Dean Grazioso Real Estate Investing

No middle man or agent required: He says that there is no need for such agents, and can be dealt directly between the buyer and seller and this enables you to save the extra money which is kept aside as commission, and if the seller is using the lease purchase strategy, there is no real need for an agent anyways. Also, it is necessary to get a real estate license if you are dealing or using an investor or investor group and you guarantee them a specific return on deals, this could be an extra income for you if you and your commission as an agent are a valid cost in a deal.

Getting a license is not an easy affair and even if you get them, every country has their own rules for renewal of the license, multiple listing services, and the upfront fees. Maintaining a real estate license will cost you few hundred dollars, and in other countries, they need you to work under a broker and need to get a membership in National Association of Realtors. Thus, if you have the license, it comes along with taking the full risk of the deals and liability for the entire deal.